If you are working in any areas related to the fields of the technical symposia, please consider organising a workshop at ICAST 2014. Workshops allow members of a research community to meet for a focused and interactive discussion. This presents opportunities to move the field forward and to build a community of researchers working in related fields.

ICAST 2014 workshops can be structured around any work related to the conference theme and can be centred around basic research, applied research, engineering practice, software engineering, policies that affect research, new methodologies, emerging application areas, design innovations, management and organisational issues, and more. Each workshop should generate ideas that give the research community a new, organised way of thinking about the topic, or ideas that suggest promising directions for future research. Some workshops result in edited books or special issues of journals; you may consider including such a goal in the design of your workshop.

Workshops will be held on 28 October 2014. The format will be a half-day session, scheduled for 3 working hours, with one break. Workshops typically have 15 to 20 participants. Focused interaction among participants is important. Participants must have informed positions based on prior experience.

Submitting your workshop proposal

Workshop organisers submit a workshop proposal to the ICAST 2014 Workshop Chair, who will lead a review process for submissions. Accepted workshops will be publicised on the ICAST 2014 website, ICAST 2014 Facebook page as well as its Twitter pages. Workshop organisers will be expected to recruit workshop participants (e.g. through announcements on relevant mailing lists and using social media).

The submission deadline for workshop proposals is 15 May 2014. Proposals should be submitted using EasyChair under the "Workshop proposals" track.

Formatting instructions

A workshop proposal submission consists of a single PDF file using the template provided here. This document must contain four sections: a cover sheet, a proposal, a description of the workshop and a call for participation. These are described further below.

Part 1. Cover Sheet

Each submission should have a cover sheet giving contact information for the primary workshop organiser. This person will serve as the main point of contact with the Workshop Chair.

Part 2. Proposal

Prepare a proposal for the workshop review committee. The proposal should not exceed 3 pages. The proposal must describe the topic, a detailed plan for conducting the workshop (before, during, and after), and the organisers backgrounds.

Part 3. Description of the Workshop

Prepare a description of the workshop using a maximum of four pages, suitable for publication in the supplementary conference proceedings in digital format. It should contain a summary of the workshop's goals and issues. It must be prepared using the template provided here, within the deadline. Note that this document is the only document from the workshop that will be published in the conference proceedings in digital format.

Part 4. Call for Participation

Prepare a 250-word Call for Participation suitable for publication on the ICAST 2014 web site. It should describe the format and goals of the workshop, the participant selection criteria, requirements for papers (e.g. page length, topics to address, etc), where and by when these papers should be submitted, and the fact that at least one author of accepted papers needs to register for the workshop and for the conference itself. Organisers are encouraged to develop an external web page with additional information about the workshop for prospective participants.

The workshop proposal section of your submission will be made available in the conference proceedings and on the IEEE Digital Library. The authors must be prepared to sign an IEEE copyright transfer form before the proposal is published.

Responsibilities of workshop organisers

At the workshop, the organiser is responsible for facilitating discussion, maintaining productive interaction, and encouraging participation. The emphasis should be on group discussion, rather than on presentation of individual papers. Diversity of perspectives should be encouraged.

We will provide the following A/V equipment: projector, screen, 1 flip chart, 1 set of pens and adhesive for attaching flip chart pages to walls without leaving marks. Wireless network connectivity will be made available at the workshop venue.

Workshop participants

Workshop participants submit position papers to the workshop. These position papers are peer-reviewed by the workshop organisers. Workshops are only open to people who have had their paper accepted by the workshop organisers and who have registered for both the workshop and the ICAST 2014 conference. The ICAST 2014 programme committee suggests 25 July 2014 as a deadline for submission of position papers and 25 August 2014 as a deadline for notification of acceptance.

Accepted workshop papers will NOT be published in the conference proceedings, unless also accepted for the technical symposia of the main conference.

Workshop Chairs

If you have questions about workshops for ICAST 2014, please contact the Workshop Chair at

Important Dates

1 Jan 2014: Call for Papers

15 Aug 2014: Workshop proposal submission

15 Aug 2014: Paper submission

15 Aug 2014: Poster submission

15 Aug 2014: Tutorial proposal submission

25 Aug 2014: Organiser notification (workshops)

25 Aug 2014: Workshop position paper submission

25 Sept 2014: Author notification (papers and posters)

25 Sept 2014: Presenter notification (tutorials)

25 Sept 2014: Workshop participant notification

5 Oct 2014: Revised paper submission

5 Oct 2014: Camera ready paper submission

28 Oct 2014: Postgraduate symposium

29-31 Oct 2014: ICAST 2014 Conference in Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria